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cryptocurrency, A block however does not include a nonce value. In proof-of-stake, users are required to prove the ownership of their amount of coins. In the mining process, still the hash of a block has to be computed that is smaller than a target value. Various alternative consensus mechanisms have been proposed to address the energy consumption of proof-of-work [35]. Users create ‘coinstake’ transactions in which they send the coins in their possession to themselves and add a predefined percentage as reward.

imageMiners are incented by receiving a reward for 'solving' a block, and that reward is encoded as a 'coinbase' transaction, which is the first transaction in the block, and thus contributes to the Merkle hash tree root in the block header. First, even in the original design, independent miners (the only kind Satoshi imagined) don't try to find a nonce for the same block. Different miners thus use different block headers and even if they all search the same nonce space from 0 to 2 32 -1 they are searching different hash inputs.

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We will use following notation for the four parameters of the Bloom filter: In the rest of the section, we outline the main formulas relating important parameters of the Bloom filter, which you will need if you decide to implement your own Bloom filter, or to understand how the existing implementations optimally configure the Bloom filter. where the implementation sets parameters to the default values.

On that premise, yes it would be better, but that premise is wrong in several ways. Put more technically, if miners are racing to find a nonce which makes a particular block header hash to below the target, doesn't it duplicate work to have them all try the same sequence and/or wouldn't at least some do better using different starting points (or sequences)?

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[5]), while others provide more detailed overviews of the technical operation of bitcoin (e.g. [6•, 7•, 8]) as well as economical and financial aspects (e.g. Both scientific and professional literature on digital currencies, with bitcoin as prime example, is extensive. Some provide gentle, general introductions to the technology applied in bitcoin (e.g.

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Next to the capital expenditure for bitcoin mining hardware, the main costs for bitcoin mining are the operational costs for running the hardware, which are mainly energy costs. There has been lot of debate on the total energy consumption of bitcoin mining, not only on Internet fora but also in scientific literature [10••, 11••, 20]. The estimates vary considerably, ranging from an energy consumption that is equivalent to the electricity generated by a small power plant (in the order of 10 MW)

In this example, an initially empty Bloom filter has m =8 , and k =2 (two hash functions). To insert an element x, we first compute the two hashes on x, the first one of which generates 1 and the second one generates 5 . Figure 2: Example of insert into Bloom filter. To insert y, we also compute the hashes and similarly, BNB set positions A [4] and A [6] to 1 . We proceed to set A [1] and A [5] to 1 .

The bitcoin system is a distributed, peer-to-peer network. Each transaction to transfer an amount of bitcoins among users is transmitted to the bitcoin network where it is stored in a distributed transaction ledger, the blockchain. There is no central server or point of control, and all nodes in the network are equal peers. Each node in the network stores a (complete or partial) copy of the blockchain. The blockchain contains the entire history of bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin may pose risks to the stability of the current financial system, while also lack of controls over bitcoin exchanges and the volatility of the bitcoin currency raises concerns. We try to answer the question whether the bitcoin system is sustainable given the energy consumption required for bitcoin mining, which has been subject of debate in the last few years. The contributions of this paper are: firstly, to synthesize and critically assess the viewpoints in scientific literature; and finally, to argue that the energy consumption of the bitcoin system is not excessive, which stands in contrast to the public opinion that bitcoin mining is a gross waste of energy. We explore four subquestions: What factors play a role in the energy consumption of bitcoin mining, how large is this energy consumption, does this impede sustainability, and if so are there alternatives that can reduce energy consumption? Our focus in this review is on sustainability in the context of environmental and economical aspects. The sustainability of bitcoin is depending on a mix of environmental [10••, 11••], economical [1, 12], financial [2, 13, 14] and ethical [15] aspects. In the following sections we outline the basic operation of the bitcoin system, we summarize trends in the hardware used for bitcoin mining, we discuss the energy footprint of bitcoin mining, we present some of the alternatives that have been proposed to reduce energy consumption, and we briefly discuss other applications of the blockchain technology that is at the basis of the bitcoin system. In this review paper we provide an overview and synthesis of recent literature published in the last two years that addresses the sustainability of bitcoin.

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